Anthea Tinker’s reflections on the four workshops

Anthea Tinker writes:

Dear Gordon and David,

Thank you both for organising these seminars.  You asked us to provide 2 -3 sentences on what we had learned and I am not sure that I can do that apart from the obvious that I think we have  all learned something about other people’s disciplines.  From the Gerontology perspective if we have managed to persuade colleagues to talk about ‘older people’ rather than ‘the elderly’ that will be a victory!

Perhaps the only other thing I would comment on is that we, especially in the last session, did have a tremendous emphasis on dementia.  I  know that it has long been a Cinderella topic, and is incredibly important, but we do need to remember the majority of older people will not have it.

Thank you and our teams again.

Best wishes,



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